• Retaining Walls

    We specialise in retaining walls. We work in conjunction with local builder Jack Little and cover all areas of the job. Walls under 1.5m we design ourselves and all others are engineer designed.

  • Earth Moving

    We have a large number of trucks and diggers, and a bobcat to suit all your earthmoving needs. We also have our own dumpsite and a bulldozer available.

  • Concrete Preparation

    As well as driveways we do house footings, pile holes, soldier poles and concrete pads.

  • Excavation Works

    We have six diggers we use for contracting and operators with years of experience. We cover all areas of excavation.

  • General Maintenance & Repairs

    All types of drains, pipes, septic tanks, treatment systems and grease traps. We do a lot of metal roads and driveways from filling pot holes to reshaping and metal rolling.

  • Site Preparation Subdivision

    We do everything from clearing all vegetation off (including large trees) to digging platforms for houses, footings etc. We have the skills and equipment to do all drainage work and site prep for small and large subdivisions.

  • Top Soil Cartage

    We have different grades of top soil available, ranging from rough to screened number one grade.

  • Road & Driveway Construction

    Including all repairs and maintenance we also dig out and construct new metal, concrete and asphalt roadways and driveways.

  • Holes Drilled Augers

    All our excavators are capable of drilling holes, they all have augers. They range in size from 200mm to 700mm and we can go down as far as 7 Meters.

  • House & Building Demolition

    We have a lot of experience demolishing and disposing of houses and sheds in the Coromandel Peninsula.

  • Slip Clearing

    We have the diggers, trucks and traffic management (if needed) available to clear all slips. We are the preferred contractors in our area for Transit.

  • Registered Dump Site

    We have our own registered dump site 1km up the 309 Rd (from the Coromandel end). This is regularly monitored by Environment Waikato. We accept clean fill, concrete and green waste.